Wednesday, January 13, 2016

movie: Starwars 7: the force awaken & dilwale

Assalammualaikum & ketemu lagi
Post the previous movie I watched with my buddies, sister and housemate…kalo perasaan this is my first post regarding to my activity with my housemate…ok, start the post with the first movie
Starwars 7….what a long time to wait for the movie… Starwars was one of my favourite movie during my childhood time. This was all my along's fault that force us (me, odin & kak ety)…so,I watched the starwars 3-6 & later  1-2…it took about 30 years for this movie to be continue or re-made…overall, I gave 4 ½  starts  for the movie…the story line, action and others are smooth plus enjoyable. The big question during  the movie is where is the new jedi came from? Is it she had any connection to luke or her sister?  Huhu…it will be a long years to wait for the next starwars as  starwars 8 will be out on 2017….huhu…huhu….ok, to summarize for this movie: they’re looking for the last jedi: luke skywalker…others, you need  to watch it by yourself and I’ll sure you guys won’t be granted…cause I watched it for 2 times..haha…such a huge fan ha and I already get myself a keychain of bb8…the new generation of r2-d2 and it can roll itself such as from the downstairs easily compare to r2-d2….haha. that was the last  movie I watched for 2015.
this 2016  movie time was open with dilwale…it was my first time watched a  hindi movie in cinema…supposedly my intention was to watch it with Maznah last December…however, due to the sold out ticket cause me to watch starwars for the second time…and on 9 January 2016, I watched it with my housemate, latifah at cathy cinema, damansara…One thing that caught my interest which I believed it will same as others viewers was Kajol…she looked so beautiful with her fit body. In short, she was more prettier compare during she’s in 20’s or b4 she married…thumb up, salute and bravo…I wish I can be like her during my 40’s and stay summarize, this story was about love story between kajol, srk, kajol’s sister and srk’s brother. Kajol and srk’s father were the business enemies and when the time srk and his father when to meet kajol’s father to ask for his blessing for their wed, kajol’s father set them up. At the end of the shot gun scene, Kajol saw srk holding the gun to her father (both of their father died) which cause kajol shoot srk … 15 years later, their siblings fall in love and kajol didn’t give her bless to them…there are a lot of flash back during the movie, so need to pay attention to each scene…and finally.....,jeng jeng.. u guys need to watch the movie…but it is the happy ending…oh ya, there are not much of the hindi song between the movie and if there are, there were for the short duration     
star wars....


Ok,  that’s it  for  this  entry…don’t forget  to watch movies:  Starwars  &  dilwale…tq for reading &  take  care ^-^

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