Friday, January 15, 2016

kad ktm i-card student

cuaca agak panas ya, sila minum  air  putih secukupnya and kurangkan  aktiviti di luar
today, I want to talk about ktm I-card student...ok, in my previous entry, I pernah tulis for student, just show your student card to get  50% of  ktm's ticket price right? haha...but  this rule will be change after  4/2/2015...means that student needs the ktm  I-card student to get  50% off...why? cause there're a lot of case salahguna student card means the graduated student still used the student card to get the 50% off. therefore, ktm implement the new rule, ktm  I-card student...
ok, how to apply it?
first download the forms from ktm website...there will  2 forms you need to download: ktm's forms and approval form for university that you're their student...for the approval letter ni, just go to the university registrar office..I'm not quite sure if you can go to the postgraduate office (for postgraduate student) to ask them for the signature..can have a try and go to ask for it caused as I know from the ktm's staff is as long as the person uruskan your  status, they should can sign it....and as  long as the person got the uni's stamp. or you can be bring a letter that mention your a student of what university and when you start and you will be finish
then...please bring a copy of your ic and student card together...or else your can go to the Photostat shop at kl sentral. one is beside the celcom's  shop at ground level and other one is at level 1, the book shop..but the book shop will open late, so better you go to the ground floor shop..rm0.20/copy  
then, come early to the kl sentral...the counter for student card are counter 9 & 10 in level 1...during my application time, I came there at  8, and there already a long queue and my number is 144..haha...oh  ya, the counter will open at 8.30 am and only 300 applications per day...means that, the ktm's staff will count once the counter open and if you're number 301, they will ask you to come tomorrow...huhu...what a bad day...sabar ya
there will be an extra counter to  check your application and you need to pay for the card..the original price is rm31.80 but there is 50% off until 4/2/2016. after 4/2/2016, the card price will be same as before...give the forms and money to the staff and don't forget to remember your number...and ask the staff to estimated when your card will be person for one guys need to take the card at the same day of your application...or if you cannot wait, you can ask your friends to collect it for you...just pass your name and number to your friend...the counter will be closed at 7 pm
the counter is at  level 1,  kl sentral...around ets's counter...just go to counter 9 or 10 for the application or if you see a long queue b4 8.30am, there is the queue for  the student's card application. the counter only open during weekdays (Monday-Friday)
ok, good luck for the card...ada yg org I borak2  said, that were their 3 times came to kl sentral for the card, cause previously ktm only accept 200 application perday...ok, please come early...early you come is better....the card is for 50% off for ktm's ticket price & 40% off for ets and ktm intercity's ticket price (ktm's route to Johor, Singapore, Kelantan etc)....
get it from ktm website...card kat atas tu, nanti korang akan dpt stiker ktm yg diletakkankat bwh ktm I-card tulisan...oh ya, please check your name, ic and valid date before you leave the counter....the valid date is for a year and for the next year the same procedure need to repeat again for the new card's application...

to those who will be finish their study this year,  the card will be valid according to your time tamat  belajar

ok, good luck &  to student, don't forget to apply for the card

ok, thank you for  reading and take care ^-^ 

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