Monday, December 7, 2015

mcm mana nak dpt harga student price utk KTMB intercity aka train jarak jauh and KTM biasa

tittle entry paling panjang lah rasanya  setakat di blog ni...just want to inform u guys, yg org sibuk kata pasal kad student ktm tu kan...its just for a long destination means that it is for ETS, train to timur, south and also north. u guys can get about 40% discount from the normal fare. just download the form from ktm, download a form to give to your institution to verify that you're a student in the uni or college. than go to the first floor at kl sentral, take the number from the ETS staff and wait for your number to be call...and b4 I forget, the staff that process the form will be rest at 4.15 pm-5.15pm (so, kena pandai2 baget masa tau) & u can go there after the office hour but I not quite sure until what time the staff will be there. the fee for the application card was rm 31.80 (including 6% of gst )....jadi sapa2 yg student and dok area kltn, Johor, perak atau utara memang agak menjimatkan lah kalo buat kad ni...

and start from 2/12/2015...selaras with the kenaikkan harga tiket ktm...makanya, berita baik utk student yg berulang alik with ktm to the uni (mcm I)...just show your valid ID student card to the counter and u can get 50% off from the normal price (tunjuk dulu card b4 say your destination..hehe)...boleh jimat separuh duit utk makanan, plan your time perfectly, so x de lah tertinggal train ms tengah beli tiket..ok? and jgn lupa beli tiket pergi balik...jimat dah masa korang kt situ berbaris nk beli tiket..oh ya, for student price ni, memang x de cara lain...means that x de tiket for monthly or short, everytime b4 naik train kena beli tiket...x salah tunggu sat, bg mendapatkan penjimatan yg terbaik..

and b4 I end my entry, tq to ktm cause bg kitaorg yg student ni cara utk berjimat dgn best and sy akan menggunakan this benefit sebaiknya... 
  p/s: for rapid train (monorel, lrt and putra...korang kena beli kad discount kat counter..kalo I dpt info, I will update later).

ok, tq for reading..take care ^-^

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