Thursday, December 31, 2015

bye bye 2015

mak  ai, today is the last day of 2015. apa  yg di capai for this year? honestly, i'll say this year start with the great news for me....not really good news start from the mid to the end of this year. honestly again i'll say this year is the tough year for me...really tough mentally, physically and financially (haha, wang pun terlibat), ok lets recap...
1. me & my study
ok, for this year...after jumped from 1 uni to other uni to further my study....i'll make my decision (hopefully this will be my good decision) to study in the local & private uni. currently, I doing my study in UCSI university located at Cheras, Kuala Lumpur..finally and luckily I currently is the UCSI scholarship holder... 2 months after I registered, I got some good's like my hope finally come true... I got other scholarship from UiTM...however, I got to reject it (it make my heart crying like crazy..hehe), due to the different field, I hope I make my smart decision to go to my current uni, graduate with flying colour and get my dream job
2. me as the event committee
for this year, I was a committee for 4 conferences and seminar event. 3 tough events and 1 light event. it so contrast compare to the 2014, me as the bridesmaid... cause as the event committee, u have to work for about 2 or 3 months before the event...the good team work make your job easier and need to be patient as well as good communicate cum patients are all u need
3. me with my buddies
this year is the year where we went to eat a lots of food and hang out least once a month...for this year, we just go around KL area but we managed to go hiking at bukit brogan, singing together, watch the box office movie, picnic, attend wed and celebrate raya and also tan tin tun anniversary... the biggest event for tan tin tun was ikin wed...hopefully for the next year someone from tan tin tun will get married or many the rest of the group member...haha...and hopefully, we will see a tan tin tun junior sha allah...guys, we should met frequently for 2016. for other buddies like KTT and MSU...the MSU buddies finally I managed to see Eha and seldom I went to kak di and kak faiz placed. and I went to see Ima less than 3 time for 2015...haha, so sad
4. me as the bloggers
ok, my post entries are decreased for this year due to my study...haha....ok, it's not an excuse...cause writing make me feel relieve of my tension and my blog like my diary, something that I can to share with others and record my activity digital...
5. me and my family
this year, was a year where the girls travel together...girls are me, kak ety, maznah, ijah and mak...opss..I forget our bapak also..we went to Cameron and penang together..since I came back to Selangor, at least once a month, I'll spend my time to go back to sg besar. this year, we received new person in our family. along and kak lin's, currently, the got 4 children and the children sequence were as same as our family...boy, girl, girl and the boy will be the knight to the girl...haha..this year also Maznah manage to graduate and the silly mistake cause my bro need to repeat back his, be careful next time bro   
6. me as the part time worker
this year, was not very lucky cause I just had 1 part time job...huhu...need to search for it...but I need something will not disturb my study...means the job only in the weekend...
7. me and the gadget
this year no new gadget....I more focusing my duit kutu for my clothes and need and also bought the giant bear for maznah.....haha, ni pun include ke?
ok, that's the recap for 2015...nak buat panjang2 pun x de idea cause I need to do my hope for 2016, I'll finish more than half of my study, stay healthy, travel a lot, learn something out of my comfort zone, gain a lots of part time job, stay fit, be a good daughter and sister, a better slave to Allah, hangout with a lot of friend and hope something big will happened for 2016
so, bye2 2015....2016 need to be me...amin
thanks for reading and take care


Anonymous said...

good luck to you for this 2016. waiting for your mr.right

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