Monday, October 12, 2015

gambar raya 2015

dah lps raya haji pun still x post this year gambar lovely s3 buat hal...makanya byk gambar telah dilupuskan ms format...ahaks
ok, this is our official gambar raya...ok, it will take other 2 years from now for us together back...yg dah kawin, next year will be mertua punya side....yg x kawin lagi...mari ambik gambar bersama2...hoho
official picture and got 3 different colours for our bj boria...for single: grey, for my parents & biha plus odin: coklat and along family...huh...cause ada big problem happened, bj diaorg x de and they choose to be with single group, it's grey in colour...thanks to our sponsor, kak ety and for next year, x de org nk tlg tempeh baju, so we will choose our baju by our self, but the  colour must be same...hehe

the free style: hm...maybe the next 2 year, ada org akan join kitaorg.....berapa org? haha...need to wait for that

ok, that's the official picture for our raya last, meh belanja 1 picture lagi....ambik gamba sesama2 but everyone was in

during my aunty wed at Selangor museum...

ok, thanks for reading...take care ^-^ 

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