Monday, October 26, 2015

alin e-day

alin e-day...alin adalah one of me friend at UiTM Sungai Buloh...we quite closed since we pernah duduk bertapa at DNA lab before I had my own space...haha, at that time there were me, alin and one of alin friend
so, when alin said she wanted to get engage, I just surprised...haha..ya lah, suddenly she said she wanted to get engage, but seriously, I was happy cause finally she had someone she can bergantung and can take care of her in the future
the event was held at alin brother's house at saujana utama, sg buloh on 24/10/2015...the dais was nice, the makeup, the dress and of course the food...varieties of food from the main course and also dessert.. haha...I went there with abby and kak mas...thanks abby cause bwk I ke sana
ok, picture time:
alin and her anak sedara...alin was a youngest children, so her niece and nephew memang dah besar2...see, alin looked so gorgeous with makeup and the dress 

us during alin e-day: from left: kak  mas, alin, abby and me

to alin, selamat menjadi tunangan orang and hope it will be a smooth process until your wedding day..kalo x de org nk teman cr brg, just call me..hehe...thanks for inviting me to your e-day....

thanks for reading, take care ^-^

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