Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kumon Kubang Kerian


k, post yg mengimbau experience as an English teacher in Kumon Kubang Kerian...How did I know about this center? Hm...let I refresh my memory...K, it's all started because of Tasya & if I didn't mistake around May or June 2009...The time we're planned to start our Master degree. At that time, Alhamdulilah I received my USM fellowship & Tasya got GA aka Graduate Assistant. Because the amount was not enough for her, she decided to had a part time job as a teacher and she got the job. That's how I know the existence of this center. 

I started to work at Kumon on the day I sent Maznah to her register day as degree student. Around September 2011. I replaced Ina (one of my lab mate) as she couldn't gave commitment to Kumon. As far as I remembered I didn't went through the interview session like my other friend & why because she (I mean my bos the lovely kak ha) needed to take me as English teacher as there was no English teacher at that moment. I remembered a girl (which I forgot her name) taught me a lit bit the way to teach them (my students) and the next day I need to handle the class by my own as other teacher (at that time there were 3 English teacher) went back to her parents in law house at India and that girl that taught me had resigned. So, at that day, the day when I started my 1 and half years in Kumon

My the shy teacher into fierce teacher..ha..ha...& thanks to you guys I have a little bit confident to start speak loudly...he..he...Thanks to give me some experience about how to teach small child, be more responsible in time arrangement, improve my English, learning how to talk to the parents and most of the thing is to be more PATIENCE which I finally understand how did my teachers try their best to make me understand a certain subject.

some of Math's teachr

English Teacher

What happen during class 

Math class

Me as a teacher

a siblings afiq & huda

Tahzir...a student that very taught me the mean to be very patient's teacher  

Lovely Damia tried her best to read a story book

My bos

Math's class in action

Taisir...very lovely student & so cute...he just 5 years old and he can read English story book very well

k, thanks also mainly to teacher muni cause tumpangkan I selalu after class. Deep in my heart although it was so tired to teach in Kumon (as I went to USM first and at 5 until 10pm I at Kumon), I really enjoy it. ya, to see some of child face really make we feel better..& at the same time I can earn some extra money from having this part time.Thanks to other teacher also for a great experience & the friendship. To both ala & neka, thanks for your cooperation & good team work..

At last, Kumon technique is good for the kids as this kid will be evaluate base on their talent & intelligent. It's different from the school's system. so, for parents, if you want your children to be a step, double or triple or maybe more step  from other children at their age, please try this method....Kumon centre is there all over in Malaysia. Not only in Malaysia but also in some of Asian country like Indonesia, Thailand, Japan etc. not matter in what age of your children, the teacher will try their best to teach them

k, miss you guys so much...& thanks for the experience  


Kidbux said...

Thanks sharing, Kumon’s learning method takes students through a structured programme involving specially developed worksheets. Kumon constantly evaluates and revises the worksheets of all its programmes to ensure there is nothing hindering smooth progress. More info at:

irni suhana said...

saya pun tengah fikir nak hantar anak ke kumon tak..cuma masalah sekarang dekat area rumah sini belum ada kumon centre..huk3

eiQa dYla said...

kumon ada kelas untk dewasa x?

hasnah said...

dewasa ya? x pasti lah..sebab biasa yg register tu school children..mugkin boleh tanya pd HQ kuman...sorry lambat balas sis ^_^ and tq for reading my blog