Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Human Genom Centre aka HGC


k, mengenali HGC for 5 years and 3 I can get stuck in Kelantan & lovely HGC...yes, It was all my intension about I wanted to travel and learning a new culture & experience with ain's help. so, after I got a phone call from dr took about a week for me to resign from pusat tenaga insan enterprise and luckly I didn't promote as a permanent staff so it was easier for me to left and my nawaitu was one...I want to get my Master's certificate....

so,ms tu ada ain & eha yg menemani and not forget mar & arfah, kopang, kuzek & azhar..what a lovely MSU's, mula2 duduk asrama and we got notice that we need to search our own home in Kubang Kerian area and that's how a story about 10 siblings appear..

HGC...byk memberi kegembiraan, taught me a lot about the mean of team work, patience, friendship, to be a leader etc. from junior to be a senior...learn from below and climb up slowly to be a top...learn from 0 to be a better person..from hating genetic at beginning until I start to find it so interesting and loved it..teaching me difficult technique until I master the technique & try my best to be a good teacher

melihat pada new persons, the arrange places, director that been changed for 3 times, getting new staffs and was no a big changed in HGC....unless HGC is transfer to a new building where I don't know when...he..he...

bila I got Ros as my junior, ms tu dah rs sy dah ada tanggunujawab utk jadikanya yg terbaik yg mampu sy ajar..and hopefully apa2 yg sy ada kekurangan when my senpai was not around me, she will not face it. and later when pei, namirah, amirah & kak ras came...byk benda kena bc ni...and deeply in my heart I sorry I cannot be there to help you guys,,,but don't worry just call or sms me...I try my best to help you guys

Mcm x percaya pulak akan menulis story ni pada ms sekarang & maybe after this akan kekurangan post for kubang kerian and post sg buloh akan's like a dream...he..he...semua kenangan yg terindah akan tetap di dalam hati ini & mostly I will not forget about the environment, student, staff & mainly HGC sampai bila2...although di mana2 HGC will be still in my heart...

p/s: batch yg konvo hr tu pun dah ramai yg sambung & only tasya had an offer to be science officer in Bau, Sarawak...apa2 pun hopefully we will met again...and maybe in the next 5 years some of us will have 'DR' tittle...In shaa Allah...k, guys lets pray for our sucess

HGC family day 2012

k, guys jumpa lagi ^-^


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