Friday, April 5, 2013

after 5 years


after 5 years, apa yg berlaku after 5 of election day, there was something big happen to me...

although it was hard for me to make a decision, but I have to do it...after having opinion from family members, friends,'close friend' (who's that? he..he...) & positive thinking & a month holiday from any work which I didn't enter to the office & of course a month without salary...I decide to move back to selangor!!(bpk, ana blk selangor blk, suka tak?) 

ya, I admitted it was so hard for me to make this decision but I need to think about my all my friends in PGM..Love you guys so much (nanti I post entry special for you guys), my students in Kumon, lovely house mate mostly: ain & not forget my 2 sisters: Maznah & Azizah (bdk2 ni aku leh jumpa lagi nanti...leh gaduh2 lagi)

k, I'm moving to new environment, work place, try my best to having a lot of friends, new spirit & hopefully what I am planning in my life will be just what I am planning...& hopefully, I can make those yg keep asking about my 'special' (pening 2)...I'm working on it (ha..ha....)...kalo ada berita baik, I will let you guys know & as I promised if that 'guy' is not from kelantan, I will make a special event for you guys to know my 'special' one, insyallah (amin..minta2 lah murah rezeki pada ms tu), so nya x yah menyusahkan anda semua nak trn ke selangor (nanti sian kat korang....) tp kalo nak jugak, sangat di alu2kan (I like...) & if that 'guy' is from Kelantan, memang senang keje hambo....ha...ha....(doakan ok?)

k, keep in touch guys...nanti I dtg jumpa you guys lagi because a lot of my books were still there & there were few things still in my house & beside both maznah & ijah ada lagi kat sana

saya & mereka

miss u guys!!
 bah kata pepatah: setiap pertemuan pasti ada perpisahan just we doesn't know when it will be appear...budi kalian akan dikenang sepanjang hayat...kita kawan sampai bila2

take care guys ^-^


gha said...

wei bestnye leh baik selangor huhuhuhu~~~~~

hasnah said...

ho..ho..aku balik dulu jiha...apa2 sms ya

Md.Asiful Islam Ayon said...

Miss u too dear..:(