Thursday, March 14, 2013

cousin's wed


my cousin's wed...k, kali ni anak mak angah kawin..hashim namanya and he is a year younger than me & worked as a agama. lama dah rsnya x de join wedding cousin ni cause in my mom side beside my brother I just had sorang sahaja sepupu yg dah kawin and I didn't able to join it...

k, majlis berlangsung di parit mahang kuala selangor about an hour journey from my home...overall it was quite ok (b4 ni dengar I imagined the bad about the wed preparation)..the best thing jumpa sepupu2 yg memang 1 kepala..ha..ha...except anak mak ngah maybe sebab kitorg jarang jumpa & mesra...entahlah....

pakaian pengantin perempuan memang agak unik...jarang nampak pengantin pakai bj mcm tu and she was wearing purdah which quite jarang jumpa sekarang...just not her but all her female siblings wore it. & boleh jumpa azam, iman & auni...ya, azam was still in his hard time trying to speak Malay...go boy, acik know you can do it & at last I can understand what Iman's trying to say since before that I didn't really understand what she talking about & auni become like mat salleh daughter... previously it looked like maznah's face and need to be wait for another months...

k, enjoy the picture

pak mat

the girls

cake buatan mak khas for mempelai

auni yg dah besar

org2 kuat I

lagi org2 kuat majlis..yeh

pengantin. tahniah to hashim and welcome to our family aminah 

org2 lagi kuat kuat

k, I think that's it...see you again


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