Wednesday, March 13, 2013

ambil sample versus jalan2


ok, lupakan kisah sedih yg berlaku dlm hidup...always think positive & setiap apa yg berlaku tentu ada hikmahnya dan sentiasa percaya pada my personal own therapy is always believe that someone maybe had a bad or maybe worse situation and really glad to have good family support, lovely friends and good environment

k, refer to the tittle before I went to bertapa, my last job with my latest bos was to go to IPPT, USM to take all my sample. Previously, during my master research, every samples that I get from NICU, I need to give a bottle of blood to them as we were working on the same grant project but different research aspect as me looked for UGT1A1 mutations and they were investigated b-thal, mutation in G6PD and others. k, both ros & me at the began planed to go there by bus but luckily during our last preparation ila (student from neuro) wanted to go there to met her SV and doing intensively writing for her master and she need someone to accompany her to IPPT as she bring her own, like old folks said: rezeki jangan di tolak, musuh jangan di cari' so, we went there by ila's car.

k, sebenarnya ms ambil sample tu kejap je about 3 hours as kak lin (person incharge in IPPT) can't find one box...byk ms dihabisan dengan berjalan....I should thanks to zaeiri for being our tourist guard although we didn't manage to go to bukit bendera...ha..ha...memang x de rezeki. but he managed to guide us to ride ferry, taking us to the best food stall (char kew tiau at sungai dua..sorry for the wrong spelling and mee bandung) and also went to pulau aman by boat...

and honestly IPPT memang dah banyak berubah...lain sungguh compare to my last visit last 5 years ago...apa2 pun selain zaeiri, nak ucap thanks to illa (treat me including of duit minyak ,mkn2 & meluahkan masalah masing2 dgn gembiranya) & ros for being my best junior ever and hopefully we will have an opportunity to work together back....

k, enjoy the pictures:

gaya pelajar cemerlang

kat dlm ferry on the way to penang punya pulau. zairi, me & ros. utk naik feri ni bg yg membawa kete hanya rm7 dikenakan dan motosikal if i didn't mistake least than rm 2...zairi kata mlm pun ada and last ferry dlm kul 11 dan dibuka kembali pada pukul 6 something...

ros & ila

ros with the ferries

menikmati udara yg segar di atas feri

ros& zairi

himpuanan kete

depan kete ila

di perhentian mahu ke pulau aman

pemandangan dr feri menghala ke pulau

atas bot ke pulau aman

me & ila yg takut2 naik bot...i like naik bot, angin sedap giler...

pemandangan sekitar pulau aman

tamat destinasi kami di pulau aman

model pulau aman

pintu gerbang pulau aman....k, sekolah dia betul2 terletak berhampiran pintu gerbang ni & x ramai  penduduk yg ada di sini..majoritinya adalah nelayan...sekolah pun hanya ada 40 orang pelajar shj


model pulau aman II...he..he....

misi mengambil sampel telah pun berjaya dilaksanakan dan gambar2 sekitar makmal penyelidikan IPPT bhgn klinikal sila ke fb saya..ok...penang memang best & lagi best kalo bersiar bersama2

k, jumpa lagi....

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