Thursday, December 20, 2012

APCHG 2012


k, APCHG 2012...atau nama panjangnya Asia Pasific Conferences of Human Genetic 2012...antara big event for those who involve in genetic area & it'll happened another 2 years...k, the event was held in hotel crown mutiara plaza...near monorel jln raja, it was near bukit bintang area & pavillion..quite good right..

disebabkan accommodation hotel kejadian was a quite i need to find another hotel near that area with affordable price although i did not use my own money cause i'll claim all the money from a current grant that came from ministry of high the beginning I plan to stay in the same hotel with kila, fuza, abg nizam, kak ayu and amira. but because i was waiting for approval from my bos aka kak sue, so they had book the hotel first and need to pay for the deposit. as for me, i'll try to search hotel in jalan raja chulan area...and finally i found this hotel 'lodge paradize hotel'...k, this hotel got a few rates like budget room, deluxe, exclusive: you know just like another hotel but the price was quite cheap compare to the hotel that located nearest to crown plaza hotel like vistana, novotel and others..i choose to stay at superior room (if I do't mistake)..& per night was about rm163.40 (include the gov charge) & they did not any special price if your'e penjawat, same charge for every body!! the room was quite ok...ya...and everything were ok & they got wifi in this hotel... and quite safety if you want to walk alone in the night...I just know that there was a bridge that can linked you from jalan raja chulan to pavillion & KLCC...quite good right? and please be careful as they will close the door after, pelase arrange your time carefully! hotel ni betul2 depan tempat confereces, do not need to be in rush...just less than 5 minutes (walking distance)...yg kurengnya...maybe the variety of breakfast...everyday sama..need to do something...ketinggian banggunan hanyalah 4 floor and it got swimming pool also and there was a restaurant near the swimming pool...kalo kuar and pulang atas kul 9 pm...pintu gate akan ditutup and kena bukak guna excess card yg diberi ms check, quite selamat, right?  

I stay with my bos sepanjang hr berkonferences and i was the candidate for young investigator award (YIA) during that conferences...O.M.G and I need to change my presentation from poster to oral...How did they selected me as YIA candidate, honestly I did not know...some of my friend said that it depend to your abstract that you send it to the community..honestly, buat abstract tu pun main2... bila kena present in YIA session, agak nervous (ha..ha....I memang ada stage problem....mula2 je...lepas dah lama sikit...buat stage tu mcm sy punya...ha..ha...really need to solve this problem...any idea?)...benda yg menakutkan, actually was not the nervous but if I was talking tooooooo fast, you know like a train without full stop and such of that, the solution during that time was practice & b4 my turn, I just play a game in my phone...and I think it was successful although it was not 100% success....ha..ha...and disebabkan keyakinan tinggi that I wouldn't won the YIA, I said to my bos if I got the first pize...I will treat her and my team, Pizza hut...ha..ha...and guess what, i didn't won it although for second & third prize because all the component had a good result & great tittle of their study...tapi itu bukan bermaksud sy memperkecilkan my study yg dibuat sepenuh tenaga ini, It just like we need to appreciated another people topic right?

conclusion from the were so many thing I learn...about thal, neonates screening, a few syndrome I didn't know that it were exist, a new technique in molecular, meeting a new & old friend, about pavillion  & others...apa yg kureng tentang conferences ni...ya, i know that it was international event, tapi perlu bg ms utk yg muslim to pray & makanan tengah hari pulak..rasanya hr last yg betul2 memenuhi selera...ya lah ms lunch pun ada free talk, so enjoy the lunch and at the same time hear about new topic...unfortunately, our team didn't manage to get any award at that conferences...and pity to my bos as she got flu during the nak ajak ke mana2 pun x boleh...and kepuasaan di hati adalah berjaya menonton twilight gi sorang2, memang x kisah cause nanti memang x akan ada ms utk tonton..mula2 ingat nak tunggu muni dtg ms wed mar...tapi setelah berkira2 masa...oh..tidak....ajak member yg join conferences, semua ada agenda, tengok sendiri lah....x kisah...yg boleh dipuji adalah mar yg sanggup trn utk conferences lagi 2 hr menjelang wedding dia..thump up lah...tapi x pe rsnya cause mar lived in kajang...kalo aku lah, memang kena sekeh dgn my mum...ha..ha...cause it took about 3 hours from KL to sungai besar....sempat jumpa aong, kak lin, azam, iman and lovely auni walaupun membayar rm30 cause naik teksi from jalan raja chulan to bangsar...jalan jem and hujan sangat lebat menyebabkan terpaksa naik teksi...auni bertambah comel & kuat and her face look like maznah when she was small...iman pulak kureng sihat...x nak makan cause got ulser inside her mouth...pujuk punya pujuk...last dia nak mkn walaupun x sampai beberapa suap...paling sedih, x sempat jumpa ima...ima business woman yang sangat busy...x pe lah iman, ada jodoh kite jumpa lagi...don't worry ok? 

Team from human genome centre...sapa yg x de disini...he..he....kredit to kila

fuza & kila. kredit to kila

Me & fuza with a big Christmas tree. kredit to kila 

Suasana di sogo...santa claus berterbangan memberi hadiah

Me & my slaid

Yes! finish already

Tag & programme book

iman yg x sihat just ask for hot choclate aka milo...lepas pujuk mkn nasi like a princess as she was so obsess to princess, she just ate for few spoon 

Tempat penginapan. leh bagi I think 3 stars

kak su, fuza & mira

gaya ketekunan fuzah mendengar talk...was it? only she knew bout the right thing

me & my bos aka kak su

fuza, dr na & dr mimi

me & fuza with our tag name

tempat berlangsungnya conferences

apa2 pun, i think these was penutup utk my master project meaning that hopefully for the next conferences I will be presenting a new topic and maybe regarding to my phd or my related work...maybe in malaysia or another country..atau maybe bekerja...I just can pray & hope the best thing will be happened in my life in my career & achieve my dream & maybe having my lovely one (ha..ha...)...amin...amin...

after the conference, melepak di umah shikin di bangsar b4 bertolak keesokkannya ke kenduri mar di kajang...k, jumpa next entry ^-^

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