Saturday, December 17, 2011

day seven : 10 important people

weekend..saturday was totally weekend for me. so can tidy up house+jln2...cuaca di kelantan pula...angin sangat kuat...

cabaran hr ini:

1. Mak-thanks sebab lahirkan sy, understand me, x suka desak2 sy...give me moral support & everything..your'e the best mom!

2. Bapak-although ms kecil2 dulu i'm not talking to much with him (just talked when I need a money, his signature and hari raya during maaf2 time), surprise right?cuma dah besar2 ni, byk sikit ckp dgnnya..discuss about work, future and others..thanks sebab bg didikan secukupnya!

3. Along-abg sy!..he...he...satu course with me during my master& insyallah in Phd I mean do the lab work...ya, like other people said, only the lab work person understand another lab work person. although he from chemistry background & I'm from genetic, we almost think the same..your'e a best bro!

4. Kak Ety: My byk like her sis...

5. Odin: my 1st young bro...suka msk2 and like to bully him when he's at home..hope you can finish your degree by next year!

6. Amat: my 2nd young bro..dia ni pelik sikit...cause antara our siblings dia paling senyap just like my dad...dulu, byk patah tanya, mujurlah kalo dia jawap..skrg ni x lagi..walaupun he need to start from sijil, diploma and insyallah ijazah after this (I mean start from below to above to be the worry, we will help you)..that's what we call family

7. Manah: my 1st young with the same uni with me, USM Kelantan...suka bagi our parents risau and terpaksa kakak dia menerangkan info sebenar...k, sis..that's what we call study, so kena rajin ya!

8. Ijah: In family we call her super genius. why? because she really sebenarnya dia ni rajin belajar, so that's why dia pandai..her face was just like me..

9. Najib: my youngest bro...sangat nakal and susah nak focus lagi2 je lah..anak last memang mcm ni ke?

10. Lastly: kak lin, iman & azam-the best sis in law & cute anak buah!

see you tomorrow!

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