Friday, November 27, 2015

part 2: penang trip-maznah maamor (MM) convocation

baikla sambungan from previous entry..honestly, I will say that jubah USM bukan mudah utk di pakai as compare to other government uni.  it needs other person that will help us to pin  the jubah and make u look stunning on your convocation day. I used to write the post about pins u need for USM for other government uni, if u got your jubah size, it is easier for  u to wear...haha..anyway, it will be your last challenge b4 u get your certificate either diploma, degree, master or phd
52 USM convocation was held from 17-21 November 2015. as for MM, her convocation graduate was at the last session on the last day..makanya, bersiap2 and makeup her at mosque but the pre make up was more beautiful as we're rushing on that day..haha...this time, I accompany my mom to the hall as my other sisters accompanied my dad to other placed in penang.
since MM course was the first course to receive the certificated, I not able to take her clear picture when she received the certificated plus it was quite far from the screen..haha...what I love to see during this convocation ceremony were the weird name, clothes and shoes mainly for female..and luckily at that day, x de peristiwa such as topi atau kasut tertanggal during certificated received. I think there were few things USM need to do to improve their ceremony such as the diploma receiver should had a hat on same as the other course. it looks blank when they not put the hat on. besides that, the photo booth should provide more plus the space for the waiting mainly during the rain session..and also a place for other family members to wait and see the ceremony. big hall like during UKM convocation,  there is the hall near the dewan chancellor. anyway, it was a successful event just need a lit bit improvement..haha, anyway it was my suggestion. tepukan yg sgt kuat when the last receiver get her certificated as that was the last day for the committee...haha..lega semua dah habis...mahu nk 1 bln punya planning. x gitu?
anyway, MM already get her certificated &can focused on work hunting plus doing what she love: baking..oh ya, sapa2 nk order cake or brownies or cheese blueberry tart or egg tart for mkn saja2 or any event just let me know. that's for Sabak bernam area and for klang valley, u can contact my sister in law...her cake was sooo good...nanti I buat post for explain it deeper
ok, picture time. credit to MM and ijah
actually this is MM pre convocation picture..b4 we went to bukit bendera. location at vistana hotel penang..

the attendance check for MM convocation

the present from the family

the present from the family and a little bear from me...bear besar on d way...ada hikmah gak x de ms tu kalo x mesti basah cause hujan sgt lebat after MM convocation. this little bear pun kena hujan...nasib ada topi...haha

pre convocation at vistana hotel. ijah was not here yet since she was on the bus from KB-penang. this picture was a night of MM convocation rehersal

the hall b4 the ceremony

MM with her audiologist friend

beside MM, there were few of my friend had their convocation also. but unfortunately, it was at the different day

ros (left) and namirah (right). both were my junior jaundice project ..congrats guys and thanks to ros baby cause bg mummy ambik scroll..yeah

and my lovely friend...yes u do it ain!!! fyi: my punya kalung warna merah but they (USM0 already change it to yellow for the science master

and last b4 I end this entry...we're waiting for the picture from the photographer...giat tu duduk dlm hujan cause nak ambik gambar sesama

pre photo from ijah...Nampak cantik...hasilnya pasti menarik bukan? in sha allah....dah ada nanti I will post it in this blog

ok, that's it but the penang trip is not over yet...will be continue

ok, thanks for reading & take care ^-^

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