Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bila research buget kena potong.....

last month was a month yg paling ditunggu for every year budget for Malaysia...and as a student, there are few things I hope that will be benefit for other students and other people...some of the benefit is my brain will be continue and this give the new student a hope to continue their dream in master or phd level
but in the same situation.....byk x ok regarding to this buget such as the increase of few fees: toll, ktm, lrt, monorel etc....x paham tul lah why nk naik dgn begitu mendadak sekali....hope with this kenaikan, kemudahan makin di naik pulih and idea yg bernas diperlukan to over come this problem
and as for research buget uni pulak mostly in the was decreasing...only UKM punya buget yg menaik compare to 2015....why? hm....mari kita fikirkan2 nya...
senarai ipta & buget yg dikurangkan
dgn kekurangan buget penyelidikan begini....Malaysia mungkin memerlukan masa yg lama bagi menempatkan one of our uni as top 100 uni in the world...struggle lah wahai researcher, lecture, RA and sha allah, kita boleh lakukan.....dengan currency Malaysia yg menurun since few months ago, the level of struggling will be higher...tu br senarai about ipts? I bet it will be worst than it
jadi..keep calm and lets do our work properly and hope our research will have the benefit outcome to be apply not only in Malaysia population but also in the other population
take care and thanks for reading 

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