Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Global diabetes walk:walk for cure 2014


walk...walk & walk...sejak dok KL ni, this is one of my favorite activity during weekend..although kena wakeup early during weekend and be at the place early..it's doesn't a big deal for me (haha...tipu..half big deal for me actually) plus di bantu oleh teman yg sekepala to do it..exercise although walking but walking non stop for 5 km...boleh consider as a good health activity compare dok terguling2 kat umah..

so, walk kali ni, under columbia hospital..one of the private hospital in Malaysia..got a few branch in Malaysia for example in seremban and how we knew about this activity? from MBO cinema at kepong tesco..at that time muni & me wanted to watch interstellar & we saw the advertisement at the ticket counter...thanks MBO for the info

walk kali ni was held at titiwangsa lake on 16/11/14 & alhamdulilah the weather was good..we didn't register online to join it as muni got difficult to register it..so, we register on that day..actually this walk was one activity of columbia hospital to raise fund for diabetes patient and every one who loved to join this activity need to pay rm20..paid for charity and got a blue goodie bag and inside the goodie bag got t-shirt..blue t-shirt (really love it..simple & nice), breakfast (hi-5 bread as they are one of the supposer for the event),watson wet tissue-one of supposer & few flyers such as for celebrity fitness etc..

actually this year was second year columbia hospital manage this event...well done guys..they got a stage for opening ceremony & performance under warner music singer (sorry guys, most the singers who performance I didn't knew them but they did have a nice voice to be a singer..keep a good sing guys) & also b4 we started our walk need to warm-up..the fun & exciting warm up from celebrity fitness staff

ok, ms walk ni..we got 3 station...got to stop in all stations..dance walking station (enjoy it, the celebrity fitness staffs were the zumba dance), selfie station & limbo rock station..and b4 we reached to finish line...a starts station..so, I get to met tomok, g-dragon, micheal learns to rock, sleeq & a few singer under  warner music who support the events..hehe...

picture time
kad penyertaan also include inside blue goodie bag...those were the activity & at the back..the 5km of walking &  3 stops for dance walk, selfie & limbo rock

keadaan di tmpt permulaan. because a day before that event..hujan trn lebat...ada banyak mud kat padang..need to cr jln utk elak..haha..

me & muni with our blue t-shirt & blue goodie bag...

us..thanks pd yg tlg ambik gambar although we didn't knew her...byk gambar candid dia ambik..hehe

we started our 5km journey

setiap kwsn yg lalu akan ada signboard ni...so, just follow the signboard..and ada juga few tmpt..their staffs were there to show the way..got 3 water station...but we just got our mineral water at second station..huhu...sian muni kehausan..maybe that's one thing pihak penganjur perlu perhati for the next year event..hehe

at selfie station..station we got our mineral water & picture time

me... I support the program...avoid the diabetes 

muni to...help to cure diabetes by exercise 

selfie time

I wish I brought my monopod....

katamakan di dalam hati...dua2 nak ambik

ni contoh org x tamak

us..support this program

titiwangsa waktu pagi...ada org mendayung kat tasik

jason mars in d house....nyanyi sikit..lucky song

with pakcik micheal belaja nk rock...yeh!!!

evergreen singer still in the heart

with tomok...aku tinggi sikit dr tomok..hahah

jgn pandang lelama...hubby org tu

awi x bg tumpang moto...huhu

muni tengah ngorat awi...tp awi wat x tahu je

group from indon glamour with bintang hati song

sleeq!!!peace yo

yeh!!muni lagi tinggi

g-daragon oppa!!!

releks bro

yeh!!!we at the finish line...

at big 5 station...

bdk teruja leh cat tangan and cop tangan kat blkg tu..ms kecik x leh buat..dah besar leh buat

aku pun x tahu mana satu aku punya tangan...muni pun..haha

barisan artis yg dtg...ramai sih..hehe

selfie with high 5

ok, tamat sudah 5km jalan...walaupun jln, kuar gak peluh2 yg degil nk kuar...yeh!!so, to pihak penganjur: columbia asia hospital-thanks for anjurkan this event yg best+funny+exciting...mungkin ada a few perkara boleh di pertingkat lagi di masa hadapan such as air yg byk di station2 air & pengumuman utk cabutan bertuah...lagi awal sikit, lagi best..lama sih nk tunggu sampai 12.30...nak2 lagi cuaca yg dah start panas plus parking kete memang jauh cause ms tu ada a few event kat titiwangsa

to all supposer..korang memang best cause tlg support this event and pada sapa2 yg join jugak walk ni..moga sedikit sebanyak membantu untk fund yg columbia hospital buat tu..I really enjoy the event...nk join yg lain lagi!!

and last picture of the day  

jom mkn roti...high 5..

take care...see you ^-^

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