Wednesday, August 27, 2014

the making of......


tinggalkan sebentar persiapan for pak din & biha big day...tengok the making of someone else wedding..sedikit info about this couple..diaorg ni couple since secondary school, so it was about 12 years ago..such a long relationship and alhamdulilah with a great ending. 

my friend adalah pengantin lelaki and I knew his girl if I didn't mistake during 2008, during our degree convocation. she was sweet, kind and they look sweet together...he..he...

since I don't able to attend his wife side in shah alam as it was pak din wedding, so I need to go to his side in Kelantan this coming school holiday..12/9/2014 & in sha allah with muni & ikin. as I will be pengapit for his wife..and after this, maybe I will take a long good bye to kelatan as I don't have any plan to go there after this weeding

ok, disebabkan penolong belah laki ramai di KL, maka pengantin laki aka kuzek ajak kami dinner and little info how the ceremony will look like. actually it will be 2 events:night-for close relatives & friends (13/9) & 14/9-for friend & others. however, as for us ( penolong2 ni) will help kuzek during 13/9.

picture time, kredit to azhar & kopang:

pembantu2 & pengantin..teka mana pengantin...ada pembantu2 yg lain...tunggu..will be update later

us and makan2

ini dia kad kawin mempelai..takkan ajak mkn je kan..harus hulurkan kad juga

ok, to pengantin aka kuzek...selamat bernikah ya hujung minggu ini..hope dgn sekali lafaz ya..lama dah ezza tunggu..jaga diri baik2 & banyak2 selawat ya..jumpa korang in other 3 weeks...

ok, take care & da..da...^-^

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