Sunday, August 24, 2014

raya 2014 with PT1201


just few days left before we say good bye and until met again to Syawal...a month with a lot of makan2 and after this is an exercise day!!yeah..& get ready for the next challenge. ok, my raya will be not complete with the celebration with my beloved ex-housemate in USM-PT1201 gang.. and this year only 4 of us were ther: me, muni, ikin and of course cik tuan rumah: kak emi cause emi already moved to johor..but it was replace with the presence of ayu, hubby & her daughter. just ayu cannot stay for long time to gosip2 with us..ha!!! next time..ok ayu..

ok, let the picture began...kredit to kak diya & ikin:
main menu from kak diya: curry mee & puding roti. hasnah-chesse cake & pandan kaya cake (bought at shopping mall near KL sentral), muni-cookies & ikin-triffle: as always everything were suprerb2 marvelous..haha...meja b4 event was started

us with ayu's daughters-one nearly 2 years old and other one was 7 months inside ayu womb..hehe... 

our trial to capture pictures with monopod...haha..peace yo!!

using monopod...tengok sana ya kekawan...

asking favor from kak diya's mother

diskusi ustazah2..haha...

yeah!!!we did it with monopod

cun2 sokmo


me & ikin

family portrait....

lastly, it was a great time for gathering with, hopefully, we always be together although all of us will get marry soon (in sha allah) & hopefully more ex-PT1201 will be gathering, what will it be next? wait until next year (in sha allah) you guys soooooooo much..........muah!!!ha..ha!!!

ok, take care...see you ^-^

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