Friday, March 28, 2014

majlis alia & kak ti


cuti sekolah dtg lagi..kompang asli versus kompang from cd, mana satu menjadi pilihan...apa2 pun mana2 pun sama for the jemputan to know that pengantin dah sampai and ms utk ambil gambar kedua-duanya..say cheese...ahaks

ok, last post was contribute to lovely tasya..kali ni khas buat yaya aka alia and kak ti...ok, how I knew both of these kind+beautiful+de bak (korean language)..let me recall my memory back..ok, let we start with alia..alia was in the same lab with me..she worked as MLT while I worked as RA before further my study in master at the beginning, I thought alia was a same age with me..but I was wronged, alia was a year older than me..but I like to say or write..age is like a number..the important thing is how you manage your life happily and do the interesting of our life..we did some fun activity together and she was an easy person & comfortable to get along and you will not regret it..alia's husband actually my course mate during my degree and both of them just didn't met each other at MSU, although they are in same university but met at FB..  

while about kak first I just knew her name through same boxes inside -20oc freezer during a day clear up the freezer..kak ti had a good quality to be a best sister ever and we're just close during a few months before I left USM..ha..ha..a good listener and given me an opportunity to increase my skill of excretion and also my salary to as I helped her doing her work..aha..aha...kak ti got married last 15/3/2014..

ok, jom jumpa kedua-dua mempelai

met alia aka yaya & yus..happily get married and reception was on 27/3/2014

kak ti & her husband on their reception event

hadiah khas buat kak ti & suami...

to yaya & yus

ok, for bln march wed ni...most of my wedding's gift was quilling craft...during tasya & both alia and kak ti for alia and kak ti punya tempah dr org lain...saja nak try..harga & services memang thump up...yg x thump up adalah service from pos laju...sabar je lah...both of this craft memang terletak comel didalam frame...ok, utk maklumat lanjut, boleh contact this fb: yg ideal bukan...jadi brg ingatan bg mempelai jugak..jgn lupa terjah & order tau...sebut nama sy sekali..mesti  x dapat pun nak order lagi lah..utk majlis sameone bln 8 ni

lastly, nak ucap tahniah to both alia & yus serta kak ti & suami...moga berkekalan hingga ke Jannah and dikurniakan cahaya mata yg cute and soleh & solehah..selamat melangkah ke alam rumahtangga & enjoy your new tittle..apa2 pun, we're friends you guys so much

take care ^-^


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