Thursday, December 12, 2013

hapi birthday ijah!!


kembali bekerja after a day off because of hari keputeraan sultan selangor which was quite a nice date..11/12/13 and a lot of couple had change their tittle either from single to engage or maybe married someone & live happily ever after..besides that, back to 20 years ago one bad tragedy happened in Malaysia and since that most of house developer need to be alert regarding to the building they plan to build..highland towers yg dah pun di buat movie nya...

ok, hr ni 12/12/13...Happy birthday to Azizah Ma'amor aka ijah aka my youngest sister...sorry tahun ni x leh nak celebrate sesama cause kakak anda dah jauh kat selangor...moga panjang umur+sihat+dimurahkan rezeki+cerdik selalu+x moody je+student yg sokmo cemerlang!!!

birthday girl!!

the doctors...kak ety & future dr: ijah

kami & akan bersama2 selalu

ok...sambung keje...take care ^-^

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