Tuesday, December 31, 2013

da..da..2013 & welcome 2014


ok, hr ni di kala blog sedang di tulis adalah pada tanggal 31/12/2013..o..a final day for 2013..thn yg boleh di klasifikasikan as tahun yg agak mendung semendung keadaan di luar sana..& of course some of a great news  happen around me
1. first aim for 2013...to register phd telah terbantut which cause a huge an expected situation & a good new was I coming back to my lovely state after 5 years lived in Kelantan..by then...good bye & I'll try my best to come and visit Kelantan again...oh..how time flew fast and until now I can't believe that I spend my 5 years in Kelantan. so, for 2014..in sha allah, this will be my big aim

2. My close family & friends big day:Pak den's engagement..I happy for him at last he & biha already on their big step ahead before their marriage life..and in sha allah the wedding will be on May 2014. although he will marry first instead of me..but I believe in 'jodoh'..ada hikmahnya why until now I didn't find my Mr Right...need to settle down everything before focusing in the marriage life.. and also not forget to my lovely close friend..tasya!!oh, she already engage and the big day will be on 22/3/2014..cannot wait for it

3. Vocation: ha..ha...no cuti2 for this year as I try to build back my career & hopefully for next year there will be a lot of fun activity with my degree friends and PT1201 house mate as most of us ( I mean the single individual) currently lived in Kuala Lumpur and kwsn sekitarnya..so, let's plan for some fun activity together!!

4. Always have a second plan backup..although plan tu akan menyebabkan someone akan terasa hati dgn kita tp..always remember that kita yg akan menanggung semua akibat..ok, pengajaran paling worth for 2013..

ok, tinggalkan 2013..and welcome 2014..ya, harga barang kian menaik, tol naik, semua benda lah naik...umur pun menaik & ketinggian je lagi yg x naik2..moga 2014 ni byk benda yg best+amazing+wonderful+ memorable to be remember and etc...learning about new thing will be a huge aim for 2014..

ok...take care...^-^     

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