Friday, July 12, 2013

riang ria di putrajaya


bulan puasa telah tiba!!!ye....jadi mr bersama2 meningkatkan amal ibadah di bulan mulia ini just happened once in 12, kalo terlepas kali ini need to wait for other ramadhan..ok, honestly suddenly I missed Kubang Kerian so much....the bazar ramadhan...everytime nak balik rumah dulu2 need to melalui bazar ini...and for this year, x de dah big bazar ramadhan like 5 years ago..uh..uh....

ok, lupakan bazar...nak cite pasal riang ria malam2 at putrajaya....ok, ada pesta flora ms tu and the same time along's family & me need to fetch up maznah at PICC because she got conferences over there..ok, what I can summarize it, the pesta was so beauty with every state that took part in the landscape competition   perlu menyajikan sesuatu yg menarik di mata semua org..good job guys...some of the state also use the recycle thing to make a bench or create other flowers...

tp apa yg lebih menarik minat adalah belon buatan....ala, belon yg pakai sabun je tu but with a little bit incentive from the company they manage to make everyone happy with a giant balloon..caya lah...k, here's some picture from the activities:

from klang district

floria 2013....di buka from morning until efficient cause semua org x perlu berebut & anyway night view at putrajaya so awesome

flower from recycle object. any idea what is that

Only small kid can fit on it...iman & not really feeling well, azam

maz with my sister in law

her with azam & iman

the tired lecture & sleeping beauty auni...

at pintu gerbang

fun time...big bubble in making 

pandai dah...good job iman

ok, that's all for now....pesanan diri sendiri & org bersama2 meningkatkan amal ibadah....sahur jgn x sahur cause it is important to gain energy in the day & take care

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