Tuesday, May 7, 2013

wedding farah & bad


supposedly write entry about another thing but because I left my camera in my brother's car (ha..ha...so clever), so I will post about another thing first...maybe I will get my camera in another 2 weeks

so, this post is special for both of my friend farah & bad.. actually I knew bad for about 10 years ago because he was one of my matriculation's friend. however, we didn't met each other until eha's wedding last year on November. bad ms zaman matrix, quite ok, biasalah men mesti ada nakal2 sikit, kacau2 org sikit & kalo jumpa dia, ada je lah benda nak di gaduhkan and farah I knew her during MSU..she was so cute & small, smaller than me..because farah was stay at the same house with lovely ima & eni and because at that time I always went to their home...me & farah were become close although most of the time we're not at the same class (during that time, my batch was divided into 3 groups & I was in group  no 2)...

How that they met? They were working together in Biotech corp in the same team..betul kata org2 tua, dunia ni kecik je....see I met back mereka berdua...and jodoh mereka memang kuat although before this farah with some one else & kalo dah jodoh memang x kemana & x de sapa yg boleh menghalangnya...x gitu? they got engage on March 2013 and 2 months later (quite fast, kalo den...x terkejar buat persiapan ni) they already and officially was husband & wife...really happy for both of you & you guys sangat gorgeous bila bersama...suka2 suka2. pelamin yg nice + simple & makanan yg membuat diriku kenyang...ha..ha... 

lovely farah...ms zaman MSU, suka tengaok farah dgn imej baru dia...paling x leh lupa ms dia buat rambut ala2 pelakon wanita cite full house tu...nice baju & makeup & also the hand flower

Ketibaan masuk raja sehari di dalam dewan yg di sewa di dewan bahasa & pustaka...bad & farah

lovely couple...love u guys soooooo much...

me, eni & ima with farah & bad....so guys, who's next?-kredit to ima

kredit gambar to those yg place their picture and tag them in FB...sorry, ya....pinjam

lastly, congrats to both farah & badfor your wedding...moga bahagia until jannah & dpt aak2 yg comel & cute like you guys...& ingat kiteorg selalu...friends forever...bad, jaga farah baik ya...and selamat menempuhi alam rumah tangga dgn jayanya

k guys, take care ^-^  

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