Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pak den E-day I


Pak den? who is he? actually pak den was one become a person very close to me mostly during my secondary school, because he is my younger brother..only 2 years younger than me but unfortunately my face looks younger than, pak den please smile more & be happy go lucky person...this will make your face become younger compare to your age...

E-day, I think almost every one know what is the E-day..engagement day...and who is my future sister in law..well, presenting miss biha and she came from parit raja, johor which it took about 6 hours journey from sg besar..and make their E-day become other historical in our family was it was a day before election day, 5 may 2013 & it's really challenge journey back to sg besar as it took almost 10 hour journey because of traffic jam. like my mom said 'every one need to go back for 'raya'...and when my anak buah said to me who is she...i just said it was pak din's girlfriend & your new auntie 

anyway, congrats to biha & pak den for your E-day...thanks a lot to biha's family for the foods, layanan and because x kenakan soalan2 yg sukar for my big bro as he act as a representative for pak sya allah we will came back next year for the weeding day & hopefully everyone mainly my whole siblings can attend it. k, lets enjoy the first group of pictures from their E-day..kredit to biha

hantaran ke-2 belah pihak...the blue one were from our side..and proudly were design by me, my mom & kak ety...well u knows man...bila time2 mcm ni, adik beradik perempuan dia memang di cari...x gitu 

make up time

alone di atas pelamin mini yg year berdua ya...pastu kena tinggi sikit pelaminnya

with her oldest sister & brg hantaran

cincin tanda

pasangan bertunang with their friend during undergraduate study at UKM, KL

biha & the girls

biha with pak den's girl

hantaran biha to pak den...very tasty cake..yum..yum....

biha & her family's member aka org kuat

biha & pak den with org kuat..thanks to our lovely abg saudara which we call 'dong besar' & his wife, kak nor because attend this E-day

biha & pak den

ok, sekarang ni jeling2 dulu year leh lebih2...

ok, tamat e-day pak den...whose next...ha...ha...doa2kan sahaja lah...ok part II akan menyusul after I get back my camera from my big bro as I left it in his car...

k, take care!!!

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