Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jangan takut wahai anakku dengan phd tu


k, tengok pada tajuk....mesti mendatangkan tanda tanya pada siapa yang x pernah membacanya...thanks to miza for sharing this info...actually this good info is not only for those who want to take the phd level but also it can apply for master (mostly who taking the research mode like me as we need to push and pressure ourself to finish it as far as we can) & postgraduate or anyone who claim him or her self as a student..

This blog was wrote by en Sazali who I didn't know who he was..but what he wrote in his blog was really inspire me to take the next level of my study which was phd level although there were a lot of trouble to begin this phd

k, you guys can visit to this link:

& maybe you guys will get something from it...

k, see you guys again

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