Sunday, January 8, 2012


2012...a new year, new age (as I was born on January), a new plan for life and etc. ok, time to add more asset as some person advice me to do that...k, so everything from now need to be claim either just keje2 kecil sahaja?, I don't thing so.. k, rezeki semua drpNYA and buat keje kena ikhlas kan..x pe, maybe susah skrg and in the next future something with a good thing will happened to me..

1.k, cite apa yg berlaku bln 12..My BFF wedding and I as her bridesmaid..a short bridesmaid as the bride is too tall..mcm model with her high hells..k, I know her since we're in primary school and as far as I remembered when we was in standard 3. her hubby, I don't know him so much as I never spoke except on their wedding day. ask him to take care of my BFF..k, kurang sorang teman beraya and frankly all my raya members will having their own wed in this year..huhu..and next wedding will be on May 2012. sweet loving couple since secondary school, SLISS..couple yg ditunggu sejak hampir 10 tahun for us, my batch to see them in wedding dress (perhaps!)..k, will update this story on May 2012...just wait!!

Gambar kiri: bridesmaids & pengantin...rendahnya aku, tp kalo pengantinnya dah tinggi mcm mana kan? Gambar tengah: kak ela on her wedding dress, look nice right? handflower dia pun lawa..Gambar kanan: kak ela & hubby, cite how they met..oh, cinta muka buku rupanya...kalo jd model video klip lagu tu pun mcm sesuai je....

2. my room mate engagement, eha & mr J. eha, very happy for you and deep in my heart, sorry cannot attend to your ceremony..insyallah on your wedding day! really hope so..eha ni, bdk rumah kami (we're first met during our matriculation level, since 2003) di KTT, sepang. Mr J, just know his name..k, just let me know when your big day!

Gambar kiri: eha& her friends where 3 of them was mine friends to, kak di,yana & wani...really miss you guys! kalo ada iman mesti lg best!jelous..nak ikut jugak....Gambar tengah: eha, dr sisi & Gambar kanan: eha dr depan..k, overall jrg kite tengok org pilih warna ni on their engagement day..quite nice & different from others. k, eha...cannot wait to come for your big,when will it be?

3. Viva..wah!!a scary thing in a first month and to start a new plan in 2012.. update: fix date for, just wait for the day!

k, that's all...see you again!!


gha said...

sape couple SLISS yg nk kawen bln may ni?

hasnah said...

la, meh aku bg couple bdk ds tu, aizat& aini..insyallah bulan 5 ni..

gha said...

waahh mmg aku nantikan ni!jom pegi nk?

hasnah said...

hm...yg ni insyallah. cause aku takut ms tu aku kena hantar gi attachment kat jepun..apa2 nanti aku bgtahu ya!