Monday, January 16, 2017

movie review: arival


movie review kali ini: arival...tengok with lovely kak diana at space u8, ttdi...terpengaruh tengok cite ni caused the thriller..bila dah tengok...hmmmm..meh, i review


mengisahkan seorang ibu yg membesarkan anaknya seorng diri..single mom...every time when the daughter asked about her will say her father works far away..years had past and the daughter already grew up but finally died due to the illness. so, then left the mom alone and she works as the literature lecture. One day, there were very small amount of students in her class and when she want to start the class, students phone keep ringing. One of the student ask her to turn on the tv (wah..canggih gila kt dewan kuliah ada tv) and there was a news that ask people to stay at home due to the presence of unidentified object near their town...and next few hours later, there were 12 unidentified objects through out world such as China, Sudan, Russia etc..One day, during the ms peintah berkurung tu, the lady come to the office and suddenly the high person from army come and bring her an audio to translate. because she used to help US army in translate of one language and she still in the contract with US army. However, she cannot interpret the sound and ask the officer to ask one word to the alien. after the alien said yes to the word, the lecture was bring to the area near the object and asked to be communicated with alien about the purpose of their arrival to the earth. the lecture and one man in this movie teach the alien how to speak in their language and for them to understand their need

however, since it take more than a month...most of the country cannot wait anymore and want to destroy the object...the lecture try to link the symbol from the alien for her to understand what they, is china will influence other country to attack the thing? can we put a trust to others in our team mate? what is really the purpose of the alien and come to the earth?...don't forget to watch the movie

my opinion:
this is really a heavy story..sampai x boleh nk bezakan mana ms yg kini atau yg flash back..senang cite kena think sikit when u watch the movie and perhaps I need to watch it for second time cause it was hard for me to understand korang yg suka genre kejap flash back and sekejap ke ms dpn...meh lah tengok cite ni

the poster

ok, tq for reading and take care ^-^

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