Wednesday, June 15, 2016

iftar with buddies 2016


selamat berpuasa, utk this year, how's your fasting? is it better than last or previous year? in sha allah it will better compare last or previous year

ok, as always....activity tahunan with buddies was breaking fast together...and secara ritual place...hehe-midvalley and we went to our favourite place: the chicken rice shop...haha. so, this breaking fast activity together was held on Saturday...which was our first time, breaking fast together during weekend...caused kak diya currently works as lecture at UMP and can join this activity during weekend...bagus gak weekend, caused we had a lot of time to chat and talk with each other. tp kalo dah namanya weekend, haruslah fully book semua, we breaking fast with the light meal, solat and later eat the main course....

thn ni, nampaknya berkurang sudah org yg join activity ni....caused ikin tengah sarat mengandung and others got their own family activity. kurang ceria sikit thn ni...hehe...maybe we should recruit the new person? hmmmm....and the best part was, we forgot to take the picture also...huhu...kitaorg pun melepak agak lama kt situ caused dah solat, so leh sembang lelama plus tomorrow was still weekend..hehe

oklah...hope this activity will always be our routine together although we will have our own family sha allah.....and the same time, we can bring our new member to the event also: future husband..hehe...this is the time we met each other (padahal paling lama pun once a month we will met) and can consider it as our annual activity together

ok, thank you for reading and take care ^-^

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