Tuesday, February 10, 2015

welcome 3 series


tahun baru..bln baru....ok, last 29 Jan yg lalu...I dah officially 3 series..ada org tanya, how do I feel? x de rasa apa2...mcm biasa..tp dah rs mcm ada byk keje yg perlu dikejar dgn pantas...such as finishing my PhD on time although I just started do it on January 2015...planning to set up business..although I not good when it come to business, but kecik kecilan pun dah ok bukan?..in sha allah by the time it will be grow and grow..hopefully...frankly speak, business apa pun still dlm lakaran lagi...ending up my tittle as single lady..haha..it's quite the same and same question I had been asking for..sapa x nak ada family kecil sendiri right?having my own husband & kids...en future husband pun still x nampak bayang lagi..plus kejar buat PhD ni...haruslh en future husband kena cr yg really understanding...

ok, lah tinggalkan segala angan2 & planning di atas...hope planning di atas akan berjalan smooth & I cannot wait to make it reality in next 5 years, I think...ok, apa yg terjadi sempena I turn to 3 series...jom picture time:
celebrate with my lab team..tq juju for the red velvet cake..x lupa too to syudy cause treat me for my lunch on 29 Jan..pic di atas celebrate with juju, syud and mira...ce teka tangan kat situ mana satu mira, mana satu syud..place: secret recipe TSB 

from my SIL and actually to my mom aka her MIL...my mom birthday and my birthday just a week gap..me on 29 Jan and my mom on 5 feb...a chocolate cake...

the cakes...yg kat atas was strawberry cheese cake for my mom & me from Maznah...place: home sweet home kat sg besar

this is what I really want for my birthday..pavlova made my maznah...x sweet sangat and sedap!!! nak lagi

at last...thanks for all the wishes..from my lovely friends and family..to my lovely mom, thanks for everthing..jaga, lahir & bersabar dgn anak mu yg degil ni..to my dad..thanks for everything..jaga, bagi duit & supportive...my siblings+adik+kak ipar, thanks for the support and doakan ana berjaya and di murahkan rezeki..and to friends...thanks for your support

tak lupa juga kepadaNYA...alhamdulilah...masih di beri nikmat kesihatan..amin...

one more thing...I also dpt hadiah from abby...buku...thanks abby, nati akak baca ya

that's a wrap...see u soon ^-^

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Nurul Iman said...


Happy belated birthday....lama gile x baca blog ko...ade kot tahun2 x baca...haha..:) Anyway, nice to read good stories about you. Good luck!!! :)