Tuesday, December 9, 2014

anda akan rs diri anda lama di lab bila........


tittle utk entry kali ni khas for my friends kat genom (yg still there atau yg dah berselerak merata2 either still in Malaysia or oversea) & uitm & sapa2 who involve in the lab work in what ever field your'e involve in eg biology, chemistry, genom, nutrition etc...this is what will happen if you're spending most of your time in the lab...credit to my facebook's friend

sila double click for tumbesaran

so, apa symptom yg anda dpt..for me no 1.,8,9,10,11,18,19,20,21,25,28,36,39,42,48,53 & 54

as for no 13: I cannot say about it yet...need to get marry first...hehe

ok, what's your no?

that's all...take care ^-^

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