Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Farewell party for Dr Hoh


Cite pasal farewell party for my bos here, at UiTM...Dr Hoh. Where do I know him? actually he was one of human genome center before he moved to UiTM. and as I looked for a new place for working and further my PhD, so, Julia asked him...so, here I am at UiTM sungai Buloh..currently..

actually, it was not his really farewell party...cause currently he was on his sabbatical leave in Shanghai for 6 months. He still a lecture in UiTM..after he come back on April 2015..he will be in a new place..where is it? I will tell u guys later..But because some of his students might be not there at UiTM next year..so we make the party earlier...

so, the mastermind was syud..we just followed her plan and helped her to make the party went smoothly..overall, it was a nice party..with the nice food (of course), environment, slide show, and dr got some present for all us...including his exes research assistant-fifi and fifi best buddy-wani..kat mini party ini the jemputan adalah:1. us-HBP group members-me, syud, juju, sima, umi, kak ina, helmi & yg x dpt hadir but still contributed to our events-kak zu(patang baby no 5) & kak rafi (analyze data at NUS Singapore), 2. fifi. 3. wani. 4.mira-close friend with HBP members. 5. 2 close doctors with dr hoh-dr tutty & dr fazlidah, hubby kak ina-fazirul although dia dtg lambat and lastly of course org yg di raikan..dr hoh boon peng aka HBP

picture time-kredit to juju, umi & syud
mira(left) & syud with giant props during the event

us with doc

gambar sorang with dr...sampai dr pernah senyum..start with me

syud & mira

pic dlm Insta kalo x salah umi & syud

mira yg memegang belon sementara menanti ayam KFC di pack rapi

mereka yg melakukan persiapan dengan gigihnya

slide show for dr

makanan hari kejadian...sorry, x sempat nak pusing


persiapan II..yg bestnya supposedly nak bg surprise but dr dah tahu dulu cause dr fazlidah terbocor rahsia...tp still dr x tahu event dia mcm ni...so, ingat nak jerit surprise ms dia bukak pintu...sekali dia dah buka pintu dulu...br jerit surprise...dah jadi separa surprise sudah 

dr with balloons...haha...paksa dr bwk blk

yeh...dapat belon

2 Msc students yg dah berjaya hantar thesis to ipsis dgn jayanya-umi & syud


kak ina...paling sweet ms kak ina nk mintak izin drp hubby dia nk ambik gambar dgn dr...sooo sweetttttttt


Only man in our group-helmi

our gift for doc

fifi & wani's gift

gambar semua org dlm keadaan x sedia

peace!!!we're ready

to doc: thanks for everything and hope we will be working together in the future..good luck doing your work during sabbatical leave in Shanghai...take care..thanks for everyone yg contribute & join the event...simple & really meaningful..yg penting semua org happy!!!

ok, take care ^-^

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