Tuesday, June 24, 2014

posisi tido anda..advantage or disadvantage


cuaca yg panas and plus berjerebu again cause almost 3 weeks x hujan...and what it become worse is water supply at takungan air...adakah peristiwa air di catu will be back...oh my!!means that everyone nightmare dream will be back..huhu....hope that nightmare will not happen and it also means that this year our fasting month will be challenging mostly to Muslim who lived in European benua. like my friends: kak aisyah, syibli etc..hehe...(they will fasting for 19 hours...pengsan..pengsan..)

ok, biarkan cite pasal puasa..back to the main topic..your sleep position...tido terlentang, mengiring either left or right...ok, let me share 1picture article that I copy from FB

 so, mana2 posisi anda tido pun..ada disadvantage nya...tp yg kurang menyebabkan kesakitan adalah posisi pertama...jadi apa pilihan posisi tido anda? 

ok, take care!!^-^

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