Monday, May 19, 2014

New team


ok, after 1 year and 1 month in UITM..finally I can place my team picture in my blog...just one person gone aka didn't in the picture..kak ina aka zaharina cause she had work to do at that time.actually, we're having some group 'makan-makan' who were sponsored by our bos (the main sponsor), kak rafi, ju, umi, syud and for me..makan je lah...ok, b4 that, why we're having were because of 2 celebrate the successfulness of our team ex AMS' student (AMS is 1 program under UITM medical faculty which only selected student will be, instead of 5 years, this students will finish their study in 6 years because they need to do some lab work for a year)..umairah which will officially be a doctor (although I didn't really knew her, but she was so funny, giler and kind) & also celebrate our bos huge  about his student and progressing...

picture time!!!credit to umi for the lovely it!

our team (excpt for kak ina) & umairah (with the flowers...cantiks agat)

the girls with bos

diaorg ni yg paling rapat dgn umaira

syud & umaira

lastly...congrats umairah and finally you're doctor..keje dgn sepenuh hati & sepenuh hati merawat org yg sakit...jgn lupakan kitaorg and ingat janji umaira dgn another 10 years..ok, rehat cukup2 b4 HO ya...

bos...thanks cause belanja makan & pada yg lain who sponsor you guys!(asal mkn...semua ok..ha..ha..)

tq!!!take care ^-^


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