Monday, July 2, 2012

HGC family day

wah...after almost 7 months, I'm back again to my lovely last, berjaya menempuhi bulan2 family day (both genome & Kumon), gotong royong (as genome will facing 5s audit, it is audit or competition? seriously, I don't know about it and Kumon: our english section had turn into more kindergarten & both teacher and student still trying hard to suit ourselves into new class arrangement) & successfully handling 4 elective student...

k, HGC (Human genome centre) family day had been successfully held at Tasik Kenyir, terengganu on 22-23 June 2012..seriously, to be one of high committee during that event was really TIRED!!both physical & also mental. I still remember a day before we went there, after Kumon class, after solat & taking a bath I told muni, I need a long nap before I am taking my real sleep. ha..ha.. mesti pelik kan, ini berlaku disebabkan kepenatan bekerja, which I need to terlelap first and most of the time it take about 5-10 minutes.

k, overall tasik kenyir was so awesome!!! after taking a break for a year (as I do not join last year family due to some family business, can refer to my previous entry ^-^), it's really good mode to having it back although I having some committee's work to be performed..oh ya, I was not only act as the committee, but i am also one of the master of ceremony (MC) for the HGC annual dinner dan berpasangan with my lab mate: nik..k, mr enjoy the pictures      

k, drp parking..kena naik bungee ni..ops...some of my friends call it limosin...nice bwk pun memang hebat bak kata diorg org lesen F1 je leh bwk kete ni

Sekitar chalet di tasik kenyir...quite nice right..di sebabkan kami dtg bergroup, so kami di letakkan di perkampungan kenyir

panorama di tasik kenyir

after almost 3 hours journey, we are at tasik kenyir..

bilik masing2...for double & triple sharing

play time for children

master of ceremony (MC)...thanks nik or all your help & nice+happy working with you..hope semua org enjoy dgn kite as MC..x de lah mcm ckp kite berdua...thanks to alia also sebab tolong ms part penyampaian hadiah 

International student clothes..lupa pulak nak cite. mlm tu theme utk dinner adalah back to school...ha..ha..after 10 years br sarung balik...wah...cannot wait for this november...reunion time!!

boys performance, yg menggelar diri mereka GG (genome generation)...nasib baik x hujan...he..he...jgn mare ya...k, ni first time sepanjang berada di genom for family day ada meriah bukan??

girls performance: flash mob for wakaka by shakira song...thump up to you guys...we did it!!

Lecture's performance. walaupun x de latihan tp memang sporting habis lah...bukan senang nak tengok diorg mcm tu

Most perfect picture to describe each person role..thanks Chua for the editing picture  


ok itu utk first part...banyak lagi gambar....hopefully leh upload secepat mungkin...k, see you!!^^-^


Hijau Daun said...


Mmg gempak laa korangnye family day.....hehehe...looks like everyone have a happy time....especially time dinner...tema menarik....hope u have taking a real sleep.....

P/s: jealous ngan pelajar tahun 2 try tackle akak form 6... =p

hasnah said...

bdk je tu..x perlu jelous...nak buat mcm mana